2002 Johnson, digital video, 21 min.
Angelpuke, digital video, 5 min.
Vito & me, digital video, 3.5 min.
2001 Karl's Bugworld, digital video, 24 min.
Bob and Bunuel, digital video, 9 min.
Scents of Direction, digital video, 11.5 min.
2000 the air is a root, 16mm film, color/silent, 20 min.
Birth of a Nation, digital video loop
Red Nails, digital video, 4 min.
FM, digital video, 2 min.
I Hate the Sound of a Blurry Spider, digital video, 2 min.
1997 Wedding Cake Dance, video, color/silent, variable length.
1996 Horse Morph, video, silent, 5:00 min.
1993 700 Measured Sprays, video, color/sound, 5:10 min.
BLIND BLINKS, video, color/sound, 2:45 min.
Falling Bodies, video, b&w/sound, 2:10 min.
Crazy Love 2, video, b&w/sound, 7:23 min.
1992 Put your lovely pie in my eye, video, color/sound, 4:40 min.
Pull&tear the white air 2-9, 16mm, color/silent, 6 min.
Spitball Moons, 16mm film, b&w/silent, 2:30 min.
1991 Holophrase, PXL video, b&w/sound, 5:30 min.
Broompuddle, PXL video, b&w,sound, 5:30 min.
1990 No Mountain View, 16mm, color/silent, 5:35 min.
IT'S A NOTHING NOTHING GAME, 16mm. film, b&w/silent,12 min.
1989 BUZZ!, 16mm, color/silent, 2:50.
GO!, 16mm, B&W/silent, 1:00.
STREAM, 16mm, color, silent, :55.
HUP!, 16mm, color, silent, 1:10.
see sea see tea, 16mm, color, silent, 1:25.
Relief Film, 16mm, b&w/silent, 3:45 min.
Isabelle Isaboy, 16mm, b&w/silent, 7:50 min.
1988 The D to D Factor, 16mm, color/sound, 4:30 min.
YOU (be) YOU, 16mm, b&w/sound, 5 min.
1987 Human Flies, 16mm, color/sound, 5 min.
1986 Sisyphus, video, b&w/sound, 3:30 min.
Mothpiece, video, color/sound, 2:55 min.
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