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Wasteland Utopias Description Review 1 Review 2
2010, DV, b+w&color/stereo sound, 91 min.
OM (for Allen Ginsberg)
2009, DV, b&w/sound, 5 min.
Wasteland Utopias
(two screen performance) Review
2008, 16mm film, DV, 40 min., installation/performance
Barring Celestial Navigation
2007, DV, co/sound, 2 min. loop
Laugh Tract
2007, DV, color/so, 2 min. loop
2006, found Dada films, two 16mm projectors, sound processing electronics, 40 min.
Work Song
2005, DV, b&w/silent,10 min.
Dos Union
2004, DV, b&w/silent, 4 min. loop
Roman Chariot
2004, DV, co/so, 3 min.
The Graceless
2003, DV, color/so,11 min.
To Re-edit the World
Review 1  Review 2
2002, DV, color/so, 32min.
Canyon Cinema News
2001, DV, color/so 3min.
Two Outdoor Cinemas in West Texas
2001, Video Installation, 3 monitors, 3 VHS video players, duration variable.
The Silver Returns
2000-2001, 16mm, color/so, 25min.
Tuning the Sleeping Machine  Review
1996, 16mm, color/so, 13min.
Double Empire
1995, 8mm video, color/so, 35min.
Howls in favor of Sade by Guy Dubord, reconstructed
1995, 16mm, b&w/so, 25min.
Closer Faster
1994, VHS, color/so, 5min.
Home Mail Project
(made with Rebecca Barten),1994, 35mm slides, audio tape, 25mins.
Lipstick of Paste
1994, Super-8, color/so, 3min.
1993, 16mm, color/so, 9min.
The Heart Saint
1992, 16mm, color/si, 3min.
Rose and Rose Elaine
1988-91, 16mm, b&w/so, 10min.
Adobe Noise
1988, 16mm, b&w/si, 5min.
memory found, disassembled
1987, 16mm, b&w/si. 4 min.
1986, Super-8, color/so, 5 min.


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