Bisbee Berkley
Friday, June 31st at 8pm
Cotton Club Era Stars featuring: Cab Calloway Jitterbug Party (1935); Douglas Brothers with Cootie Williams (1934); Cab Calloway Hi De Ho (1937); Maurice Rocco Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar, The Mills Brothers Lazy River (1944)
Gold Diggers of 1933 by Busby Berkeley (3 numbers) 1933, 10min.
42nd Street finale by Busby Berkeley (1 number) 1935, 6 min.
A Toetally Solefull Feeture Pedsintation
by Martha Colburn (1998) 4min.
Wild Wheels by Harrod Blank (1992) 64 min.
One Week by Buster Keaton (1920) 20 min.

Paranoid Celluloid
Saturday, July 1st at 8pm
Mighty Mouse in Goons from the Moon Terrytoons (1951) 6 min.
Wild Night in El Reno by George Kuchar (1977) 6 min.
No-Zone by Greta Snider (1993) 20 min.
The Pet by Windsor McKay (1920) 10 min. (live musical score by Chiara Giovando)
The Brain Eaters directed by Bruno Ve Sota (1958) 60 min.
Bouquets 1-10 by Rose Lowder (1995) 11 min. (with Chiara Giovando)
Crossroads by Bruce Conner (1976) 36 min.

Sunday, July 2nd at 8pm
Korla Pandit Television (1957) 7 min.
Valse Triste by Bruce Conner (1979) 5 min.
Spellbound Sequence by Alfred Hitchcock (1945, design by Salvador Dali)
Allures by Jordan Belson (1961) 8 min.
Birds in their Nests by Pathe Studios (1916) 10 min.
The Persian Series 1-5 by Stan Brakhage (1999) 15 min.
Korla Pandit Television (1957) 7 min.
The Leopard Man, directed by Jacques Tourneur (Val Lewton, Producer) 1943, 66 min.
Take the 5:10 to Dreamland by Bruce Conner (1977) 5 min.