Surrealism in the Paris of the Southwest
Friday, June 25 at 8pm
The Rabbit of Seville (Color/sound, 5 min., 1950) by Chuck Jones
Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (B&W/sound, 15 min., 1998) by Martin Arnold
Meshes of the Afternoon (B&W/sound, 13 min.,1943) by Maya Deren
Birds of Paradise (Color/silent, 3 min., 1999) by Stan Brakhage
Spitball Moons (B&W/silent, 5 min., 1989) by Rebecca Barten
It's a Gift (B&W/sound, 5 min., 1931) a Rube Goldberg inspired adventure
Juve vs. Fantomas (B&W/Silent w/ live musical accompaniment by Howe Gelb,
55 min., 1914) by Louis Feuillade
Rabbit's Moon (Tinted/sound{restored 1972 version}, 14 min.) by Kenneth Anger
Un Chien Andalou (B&W/silent w/ live broadcast of original soundtrack by
Owen O'Toole, 20 min.,1929) by Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali

Total Western
Saturday, June 26 at 8pm
Rockabilly Reel (Early Country Music TV) including Carl Perkins: Blue Suede Shoes & Your True Love (1956); Johnny Burnette: Lonesome Train (1957); The Collins Kids!!: HOP, SKIP, JUMP (date lost); Johnny Cash: I Walk The Line(1950's); Webb Pierce: There Stands the Glass (1953); Roger Miller: Dang Me (1964)
Anselmo (Color/sound, 4 min., 1967) by Chick Strand
Valentin de Las Sierras (Color/sound, 10 min., 1969) by Bruce Baillie
Copper Mines at Bingham, Utah (B&W/silent, 4 min., 1904)
Sidewinders Delta ( Color/sound, 20 min., 1976) by Pat O'Neill
Annabelle Dances (Hand Tinted / silent, 5 min., 1897)
The Bargain (B&W/silent w/live musical accompaniment by Howe Gelb, 70 min., 1914) starring Wm. S Hart

Psychotronic Space Aliens
Sunday, June 27 at 8pm
Take me out to the Ball Game (50's TV excerpt from the Liberace Show, 3 min.)
Mongoloid (B&W/ sound, 4 min., 1978) music by Devo, Film by Bruce Conner
America is Waiting (B&W/sound, 3.5 min., 1982) music by Brian Eno & David Byrne, film by Bruce Conner
Earth Control (B&W/silent, 7 min., 1928) by Max Fleischer
Cat Women of the Moon (B&W/sound, 64 min., 1953) by Arthur Hilton
Science Fiction (color/sound, 5 min., 1979) by JJ Murphy
Tribulation 99 (Color/ sound, 45 min., 1990) by Craig Baldwin
Tuning the Sleeping Machine (Color/sound, 13 min., 1996) by David Sherman